Six awesome movies you should skip — perfect for the evening! 🇺🇸

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Friends, here’s a selection of curious thrillers you may have missed! Write your opinion in the comments about the movies you’ve already seen and keep the list going. You’re sure to save someone’s boring evening!)

1. Thoroughbreds

A young girl, Lily is brought up in the luxury that her and her mother’s hated stepfather provide. She doesn’t want to owe him anything, so she works part-time as a tutor. One day, Lily takes it upon herself to prepare her high school friend Amanda for college, whom they haven’t spoken to in a long time. They have always been different: Lily is a gentle creature who is afraid to hurt everyone, and Amanda is rude and straightforward.

During class, the friends are frank. Lily confesses that she hates her stepfather, and her friend confesses that she is on a psychiatrist’s registry because of her inability to feel any emotion. Amanda asks Lily if she has ever thought of killing him, and after this question, Amanda seriously seizes on the idea.

2. Brimstone

The action takes the viewer back to the days of the Wild West, when the settlers’ harsh everyday life was subject to the rules and traditions of the time. Liz, a mute midwife, is married and raising two children, and her life could be called quiet and well-ordered, but then a new pastor shows up in the settlement and everything changes. Liz is afraid to see him, as she has every reason to believe that he is pure evil.

Liz shares her fears with her husband, but unfortunately, he does not share her fears. He finds it hard to believe that the pious preacher is here for a reason, and that he is pursuing personal goals that have nothing to do with piety.

3. The Gift

Married couple Simon and Robin moved to California, bought a beautiful fifties-style house, and began to settle in slowly. One day they meet Gordo, an old acquaintance of Simon’s whom they haven’t seen in years, in a store. They both look happy to meet, but Robin notices that her husband is in no hurry to call his old friend.

Not waiting for Simon to call, Gordo decides to take the initiative first. He unannounced visits the newcomers and sends them gifts, which each time seem more and more strange to them. Soon Robin is in no doubt that her husband is definitely hiding something.

4. Law Abiding Citizen

Clyde Shelton loses his family in a gang raid. He is utterly devastated by what happened, and all that keeps him going is his thirst for justice. The second blow, however, is the news that his testimony was not admissible in court and that the evidence was supposedly insufficient.

Years later, the high-profile case is no longer talked about, but Shelton’s hatred for the killers has not abated. By the tenth anniversary, he had devised a hell of a lot of schemes, which he continued to execute methodically even after he was imprisoned.

5. Unsane

Sawyer Valentini works as a bank analyst. She is efficient, punctual, and sympathizes with her colleagues. However, they don’t realize that she secretly feels like a victim of increased male attention. She sees stalkers everywhere, so from time to time she has to drop everything and change her place of residence.

Knowing her problem, Miss Valentini seeks psychological help, after which she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Sawyer did not consent to this, but the psychiatrists were adamant. But that was not the worst part — in the hospital she continues to see stalkers and her paranoia begins to be treated in earnest.

6. Angel of Mine

The plot centers on a woman named Lizzie. Some time ago she lost her young daughter in a fire, after which her relationship with her husband broke down. Now she and he live separately, taking turns in raising their son Thomas.

Despite the therapy, the tragedy still won’t let go of Lizzie, but one day, at a children’s party, she catches sight of a girl who looks just like her daughter. Hope glows in her mother’s heart: What if, by some miracle, her child is alive? Lizzie rubs herself into the girl’s parents’ trust and begins to gather information, bit by bit.